FAQ (for Founders)

What are typical companies you’ll invest in?

We invest in any company that solves “money” for Africans. We believe that democratising finance and enabling economic empowerment is the highest leverage path to bring about more opportunity and economic freedom

We target disruptive founders that leverage technology to reimagine and reinvent what financial services can be for the next Africa

See a list of things we love to invest in here. If you’re a founder, please reach out to us here.

What stage do you invest in?

Our goal is to be the earliest and most helpful partner to Africa’s entrepreneurs. We invest when it’s just an idea/deck or prototype. We love to be early, We invest in pre-seed/seed rounds. Not Series A.

What size are the investment checks?

$25,000 - $250,000

Do you lead?


Do you take board seats?


How long is the process?

It usually takes 7-14 days to make the decision to present the investment opportunity to our community

Once we close the deal with our Syndicate, we wire funds to you within 7 days

Will you invest pre-product?

Yes. We will back the right founders at even the earliest stages (when it’s just an idea / deck). However, our sweet spot is for companies that have at least built a prototype or have a minimum viable product (MVP).

What information will you share with LPs?

We will share investment memos on all deals we recommend including (any additional diligence) and we will share our quarterly updates.

How do I get in touch with you?

If you are interested in funding click here.

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